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We provide physical therapy for Winston-Salem NC, Greensboro NC, Fayetteville NC, Morehead City NC, Cameron, NC

Fayetteville Swamp Dogs Names BreakThrough as Exclusive Physical Therapy Provider

BreakThrough Physical Therapy is pleased to announce their new exclusive provider partnership with the Fayetteville Swamp Dogs. With this new partnership, BreakThrough Physios will help the players start their season with programs to help reduce injuries as well as strength and conditioning for optimal performance

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Why is BreakThrough Physical Therapy the best choice for you?

We are the best first choice for muscle aches, joint pain, and movement problems because we are committed to clinical excellence and an AmaZing! Patient experience!

Our promise to you is that your treatment will include the following:

  • One-on-one time with the same PT throughout your appointments
  • Results that you want based on your personal goals
  • Fewer visits to achieve your goals meaning it will cost you less

We reduced our number of visits per patient by 35%- this will save you a ton of time and money!

With the integration of Evidence Based Practice, BreakThrough Physical Therapy is very affordable compared to expensive tests, injections, and surgery. This makes your copay a non-issue; however, we can be flexible and provide a payment plan if needed.

BreakThrough is the first clinic in North Carolina to become certified in Evidence Based Practice. This means as a patient of BreakThrough PT you are guaranteed treatment based on the newest and best research - not based primarily on the experience or inexperience of each physical therapist.

Don't Wait - It's Better to Get Started Right Now

Clinical research shows that the sooner you get started with physical therapy, the less likely you will need unnecessary tests, medications, or surgery.

Save Precious Time - Choose a Location Close to You

We have 7 convenient locations to serve you. Check them out on the left side of our website and give us a call today. We look forward to helping you.